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narm00 in dwmcomic

Portrait of the Mod as a young DWM fan

In which the Mod explains how he became a DWM fan, and why he created this comm.

Part of the reason I became a Doctor Who fan was because of Wotsits.

No, seriously.

They were doing a Doctor Who promotion, offering /extremely/ abridged versions of Colin Baker's DWM stories. I was around 10 at the time, and I think even then I was wondering... hold on, isn't there more to this?

Then... I got my hands on a copy of Voyager - the original colourised graphic novel.


I loved John Ridgway's artwork. I loved the poetry of Steve Parkhouse's writing. For me, the Parkhouse/Ridgway Sixth Doctor /was/ the Sixth Doctor. I think I assumed that this was what Colin's TV era was like... no such luck, unfortunately. But my liking for the Sixth Doctor - especially the spin-off stuff, the comics, the books, the audios - began with Parkhouse and Ridgway.

Got The Mark of Mandragora graphic novel too, when it came out. Liked it - not as much as Voyager, but liked it.

I discovered DWM around... I /think/, around the 30th anniversary, around "Time and Time Again" and "Cuckoo". Made a point of flipping through it in the newsagents, reading the comic.

Actually started buying it round about "Ground Zero". I think the TV Movie played a part, too - I was one of the few fans who actually /enjoyed/ the TVM, and I found some confirmation in the pages of DWM.

And as I started collecting DWM, I got Alan Barnes and Scott Gray on the Eighth Doctor's comic strip. Eight years of weird, wonderful, and heartfelt adventures featuring Eighth, Izzy, Fey and Destrii. Always felt a bit disappointed the strips tended to get overlooked for the other spin-offs. (That said, I love the novels and audios... it's just the strip always felt underappreciated.)

And I came to rank Scott Gray as perhaps the strip's best writer. Steve Parkhouse may have been a better poet, but Scott is the strip's best /character/ writer. I came to care about these characters, got intrigued by them, wanted to analyse them, figure out where their heads might be at. Not very well, admittedly, but I /tried/.

Needless to say, I was... disappointed when Eighth and Destrii's tenure got cut short thanks to the new series. For me, that was the biggest downside to the show's return; that I wasn't going to find out what happened to Eighth and Destrii, how they'd develop... (The Destrii shout-out in "Thinktwice" gave me a little squee.)

Then Panini started releasing the strips as digitally remastered graphic novels, and it gave me the chance to catch up on the strip's history, read many of the classic comics for the first time, see how the mythology formed, where it all came from.

Which leads us up to now.

The thing is, there's a distinct /lack/ of DWM coverage on the internet. Oh, there are some pages here and there, scattered across the web, but there's no dedicated site, nothing to give the strips the kind of overview the books and audios have recieved.

This comm's an attempt to partially redress the balance, to be a place for discussion, review, and general celebration of the strip's almost 20 year history.

So... who's up for the ride?


Actually started buying it round about "Ground Zero". I think the TV Movie played a part, too - I was one of the few fans who actually /enjoyed/ the TVM, and I found some confirmation in the pages of DWM.

Me too! As far as I was concerned, DWM comics provided fresh Eight canon every month - for a lot less than the EDAs and BFAs cost, though I got a good few of those too - and I was pretty much hooked from Issue 250 onwards (yes, I was something of a late adopter; blame my Eightfannishness that led me to get a magazine for the poster accompanying it). Intelligent, occasionally cracky, heartfelt, and way cool.

Teal deer - totally with you! (I'm even thinking of cosplaying a DWM comics character at the next Gallifrey. No, not the penguin.)

December 2008

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