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narm00 in dwmcomic

Master list of comics by Doctor

And this is the second of the two master lists, listing every comic under DWM's aegis by Doctor.

Again, thanks to the Tardis Wiki and the Doctor Who Reference Guide.

Master list by Doctor (ahem), with a 'Non-Doctor' section at the end.

Doctor Who (Cushing Doctor):

DWM Special Spring 1996: Daleks vs the Martians

First Doctor:

218-220: Food for Thought
231-233: Operation Proteus

DWM Special Summer 1994: Are You Listening?

Doctor Who Yearbook 1994: A Religious Experience

Second Doctor:

224-226: Land of the Blind

DWM Special Summer 1993: Bringer of Darkness

Third Doctor:

221-223: Change of Mind
234: Target Practice

DWM Special Winter 1991: The Man in the Ion Mask

Fourth Doctor:

1-8: The Iron Legion
9-16: City of the Damned
17-18: Timeslip
19-26: The Star Beast
27-34: The Dogs of Doom
35-38: The Time Witch
39-45: Dragon's Claw
46: The Collector
47-48: Dreamers of Death
49-50: The Life Bringer!
51: War of the Words
52: Spider-God
53: The Deal
54-55: End of the Line
56-57: The Freefall Warriors
58-59: Junkyard Demon
60: The Neutron Knights
212-214: Victims
235-237: Black Destiny
243: Doctor Who and the Fangs of Time

DWM Special Summer 1995: The Seventh Segment

Doctor Who Yearbook 1994: Rest and Re-Creation
Doctor Who Yearbook 1995: The Naked Flame
Doctor Who Yearbook 1996: The Star Beast II
Doctor Who Yearbook 1996: Junkyard Demon II

Fifth Doctor:

61-67: The Tides of Time
68-69: Stars Fell on Stockbridge
70-75: The Stockbridge Horror
76-77: Lunar Lagoon
78-83: 4-Dimensional Vistas
84, 86-87: The Moderator
215-217: The Lunar Strangers
228-230: The Curse of the Scarab

Doctor Who Yearbook 1995: Blood Invocation

Sixth Doctor:

88-89: The Shape Shifter
90-94: Voyager
95-97: Polly the Glot
98-99: Once Upon a Time Lord
100-101: War-Game
102-103: Funhouse
104: Kane's Story
105: Abel's Story
106: The Warrior's Story
107: Frobisher's Story
108: Exodus
109: Revelation
110: Genesis
111-113: Nature of the Beast
114-116: Time Bomb
117: Salad Daze
118-119: Changes
120-122: Profits of Doom
123-126: The Gift
127-129: The World Shapers
227: Up Above the Gods

Doctor Who Classic Comic Special 1994: The Age of Chaos (full issue)

Seventh Doctor:

130-133: A Cold Day in Hell
134: Redemption
135: The Crossroads of Time
136-138: Claws of the Klathi
139: Culture Shock
140: Keepsake
141-142: Planet of the Dead
143-144: Echoes of the Mogor
145-146: Time and Tide
147: Follow That TARDIS!
148-150: Invaders from Gantac
152-155: Nemesis of the Daleks
156: Stairway to Heaven
157-158: Hunger From the Ends of Time
159-161: Train-Flight
162: Doctor Conkeror
164-166: Fellow Travellers
167: Darkness Falling
168: Distractions
169-172: The Mark of Mandragora
173: Party Animals
174: The Chameleon Factor
175-178: The Good Soldier
179: A Glitch in Time
185-187: The Grief
188-190: Ravens
191: Memorial
192: Cat Litter
193-196: Pureblood
197-202: Emperor of the Daleks
203-206: Final Genesis
207: Time and Time Again
208-210: Cuckoo
211: Uninvited Guest
238-242: Ground Zero
305: The Last Word

DWM Special Summer 1991: Seaside Rendezvous
DWM Special Winter 1992: Flashback
DWM Special Holiday 1993: Evening's Empire (full issue)
DWM Special Summer 1994: Younger and Wiser
DWM Special Winter 1994: Plastic Millennium

Doctor Who Yearbook 1992: Under Pressure
Doctor Who Yearbook 1993: Metamorphosis

Eighth Doctor:

244-247: End Game
248-249: The Keep
250: A Life of Matter and Death
251-255: Fire and Brimstone
256: By Hook or By Crook
257-260: Tooth and Claw
262-265: The Final Chapter
266-271: Wormwood
272: Happy Deathday
273-276: The Fallen
278-282: The Road to Hell
283: TV Action!
284-286: The Company of Thieves
287-296: The Glorious Dead
297-299: The Autonomy Bug
300-303: Ophidius
304: Beautiful Freak
306, 308-310: The Way of All Flesh
312-317: Children of the Revolution
319-322: Uroboros
323-328: Oblivion
329: Where Nobody Knows Your Name
330-332: Doctor Who and the Nightmare Game
333: The Power of Thoueris!
334-336: The Curious Tale of Spring-Heeled Jack
337: The Land of Happy Endings
338-342: Bad Blood
343-345: Sins of the Fathers
346-353: The Flood

Ninth Doctor:

355-357: The Love Invasion
358: Art Attack!
359-362: The Cruel Sea
363-364: A Groatsworth of Wit

Doctor Who Annual 2006: Mr Nobody

Tenth Doctor:

365-367: The Betrothal of Sontar
368: The Lodger
369-371: F.A.Q.
372-374: The Futurists
375-376: Interstellar Overdrive
377: The Green-Eyed Monster
378-380: The Warkeeper's Crown
381-384: The Woman Who Sold the World
385: Bus Stop!
386-389: The First
390: Death to the Doctor!
391-393: Universal Monsters
394: Hotel Historia
395-398: The Widow's Curse
399: The Time of My Life
400-402: Thinktwice

Doctor Who Storybook 2007: Opera of Doom!
Doctor Who Storybook 2008: Sunscreen
Doctor Who Storybook 2009: The Immortal Emperor


1-4: Return of the Daleks (Daleks)
5-7: Throwback: The Soul of a Cyberman (Kroton the Cyberman)
8: The Final Quest (Sontarans)
9-11: The Stolen TARDIS: A Tale of the Time Lords (Time Lords)
12: K-9's Finest Hour (K-9)
13-14: Warlord of the Ogrons (Ogrons)
15-16: Deathworld (Ice Warriors and Cybermen)
17-20: Abslom Daak... Dalek Killer
21-22: Twilight of the Silurians (Silurians)
23-24: Ship of Fools (Kroton the Cyberman)
25-26: The Outsider (Sontarans)
27-30, 44-46: Star Tigers (Abslom Daak)
31-34: Yonder... The Yeti (Yeti)
35-38: Black Legacy (Cybermen)
40-43: Business As Usual (Autons)
47: Star Death (Rassilon and the Time Lords)
48: Touchdown on Deneb-7 (K-9)
49: Voyage to the Edge of the Universe (Azal the Daemon)
50: Crisis on Kaldor (Sandminer robots)
51: 4-D War (Time Lords)
56: The Greatest Gamble (The Celestial Toymaker)
57: Black Sun Rising (Time Lords)
58, DWM Special Winter 1981: Skywatch-7 (Zygons)
59: The Gods Walk Among Us (Sontarans)
61: Devil of the Deep (Sea Devils)
64: Fires Down Below (UNIT, Dominators and Quarks)
183: Conflict of Interests (Free-Fall Warriors)
215-239: The Cybermen
249-254: Return of the Elders (Daleks; a follow up strip to The Dalek Chronicles)
277: Unnatural Born Killers (Kroton the Cyberman)
311: Character Assassin (The Master)
318: Me and My Shadow (Fey and Shayde; ties in to the Eighth Doctor stories)

DWM Special Winter 1981: Tales of the Time Lords: Minatorius (Time Lords)
DWM Special Summer 1982: The Fabulous Idiot (Ivan Asimoff)
DWM Special Summer 1982: A Ship Called Sudden Death (Free-Fall Warriors)
DWM Special Holiday 1992: City of Devils (Sarah Jane Smith and the Silurians)


*boggles at how many zie recognises*

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